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This is my website. My name is

Maarten van Leeuwen

What drives me

Working on change that matters

The speed at which our earth is warming and the way in which we as humans seem to be growing further and further apart are of great concern to me. Both lead to major risks for the quality of life on our planet in the long run.

From a young age I have committed myself in various ways to a livable planet earth. By making sustainable choices close to home and by working for organizations that contribute to a better world for people and the environment.

What I do

Boosting and connecting sustainable developments

I like to contribute to the development of innovative ideas, concepts, ecosystems or working methods around the transition to a better, more sustainable world by boosting and connecting these sustainable initiatives and people.

I have come to see myself more and more as a neo generalist who, with knowledge and network around the food and energy transition, can contribute as a connecting project leader, community manager or online strategist.

Past and present work

An impression of activities that I am working on or previously have worked on. Please visit my Linkedin profile for more information

Visit my LinkedIn profile

March 2022: I’ll be updating the pages below this month. Thanks for your patience.

Communitymanager Nationaal Programma RES

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Communicatie & Crowdfunding Burgerboerderij de Patrijs

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Despite negative sides of social media, I still believe in the power of connection by social media and new technology. On social media I frequently share news, opinions and experiences that give you and impression of who I am and what I do. I am an active user on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Maarten van Leeuwen

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